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julia sotnykova vancouver ca sotnikova Роза1Julia Sotnykova has spent the majority of her life in Vancouver, Canada. She is a full-time Graphic Designer & World Traveler. According to Julia, exploration is an integral part of her creative process, as she is in a perpetual state of discovery and challenges. Over the years this has become Julia’s primary design aesthetic.

Although Julia Sotnykova is familiar with numerous mediums, styles, and techniques, the way that she currently earns her keep is through graphic design. From Julia’s perspective, there’s something so alluringly magical about being able to use computers to create and enhance artwork. Julia first got into art by drawing and sketching as a child. Eventually, Julia honed her craft at art school, and today has lent her designs to a variety of clients.

Julia Sotnykova enjoys traveling the world and skiing whenever possible. What began as a childhood hobby, skiing blossomed into a significant part of Julia’s life. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada gave way to essential experiences in Julia’s life that, if she had not experienced them, she would be a different person.

Vancouver gave her cities, wooded areas, rivers, lakes, mountains, fresh air, and so much more. There was always a way to be incredibly social, as well as introspective, pensive, and solitary. One of the great joys of Julia’s developmental years was skiing. Her first opportunity to ski was at the age of seven. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Julia has called Vancouver, Canada home for many years now, and while she loves to venture out into the world, Vancouver will always be where she returns. Vancouver is a port city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver consistently ranks as a top city in the world for livability and quality of living. Julia’s favorite aspect of Vancouver is its access to nature. It is important for Julia to maintain this connection with nature and the outdoors. According to Julia, this is a large part of her inspiration when creating.

As a graphic designer, Julia Sotnykova believes it is important to stimulate your mind with new experiences. With every new adventure, Julia is exposed to a new and exciting ideas that she may not have found without traveling. Traveling allows her to draw inspiration from new cultures, people, food, activities, customs, and geography. Much like her passion for skiing, Julia’s passion for world travel started at an early age. A small road trip to Seattle, Washington blossomed into life-long hobby, as Julia would seek out trips to destinations near and far.

Work Samples

Flowers II

As mentioned above, nature is a constant source of inspiration for Julia. One of the first objects in nature to capture Julia’s imagination were flowers. The below video contains painting, sketches, and illustrations of flowers by Julia Sotnykova. The majority of these flowers were captured at avarious parts of Vancouver.

Julia Sotnykova Presents: Flowers II from Julia Sotnykova on Vimeo.


Another source of inspiration for Julia is travel. Julia is proud to have traveled to almost all of the continents in the world. At each one, Julia has enjoyed taking in the local colors and flavors and adding them to her canopy of art. The below presentation highlights a handful of the places that Julia has traveled to—from her home of Vancouver to Japan, Spain, and England.

Exercises and Exams

Although Julia has been creating art for most of her life, it wasn’t until she entered art school that her work started to take on a higher level of refinement and polish. It was in art school that Julia had her first experiences with oil paint, where she first started exploring digital design, and where she felt an unprecedented drive to succeed brought upon by excellent peers and mentors. The below presentation offers some examples of the processes with which Julia Sotnykova started to experiment in art school.
Julia Sotnykova Presents: Exercises and Exams From Art School: Part 1 from Julia Sotnykova

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