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In my past blog post I talked about the unsung heroes of graphic design, whose work you see every day. Today the design industry is bigger than ever, and standing out is even harder than before. While there is a lot of talent out there here is a list of emerging designers/established designers you need to know.

Sulki and Min are a husband-and-wife team. Natives of South Korea who met at Yale. Their work tends to blend a wide variety of styles to help promote what the message they are trying to send is. They’ve worked mainly in the cultural area, collaborating with museums, galleries, publishers, and cultural foundations.

Mark Gowing, Australian designer who might consider himself a typographer, but he feels “a lot of people look at the text as an image before they realize what it says.” Mark considers himself an interdisciplinary artist working across communications, publishing and visual art. Also the founder of Mark Gowing Design, Preservation Music, the Australian Poster Biennale, and Formist Publishers.

Felix Pfaffli, Swiss born designer, at only 27 years of age has been making quite the splash as of late and has been considered an “incredible powerhouse.” Since graduating college in 2010, he’s started his own studio, and in 2011 he was appointed as teacher at the Lucerne School of Graphic Design to teach the fields of typography, narrative design, and poster design.

Jianping He, Chinese designer is known for his type and letterforms as objects rather than just 2-D shapes. Arrived in Berlin from China in 1997 in order to familiarize himself in a European location with the “Western” theory and practice of artistic design from his own surroundings.

Shiro Shita Saori, Japanese designer working in Berlin, known for putting modern stylized play on older fashioned designs. Born in 1990, Saori graduated from Tama Art University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2013.

Theseus Chan, considered by many to be one of the influential pioneers of Singapore’s creative scene. Managed to prove himself to be both creative enigma, as a well as spot-on when it comes to either promoting, nurturing or judging innovative ventures.

Philippe Apeloig, is one of the most established designers as of late. Born in Paris, Apeloig has worked with cultural institutions, publishing houses, and important luxury brands. He’s created a number of logotypes including the ones of the Direction des Musees de France, the Istituto Universitario di Architetture di Venezia, and the Petit Palais.

These are just a few of the “must know” artists in today’s exciting graphic design world.