Graphic design is an excellent field for the creative entrepreneur. Owning your own business and being able to pursue your passion is a dream of many, so why not find a way to combine the two? Luckily, Etsy is a marketplace that allows entrepreneurial graphic designers to sell their artwork with ease. However, knowing where to start with your Etsy shop can hold you back, so I’ve gathered ideas for you to use when opening your new Etsy store.


Every business needs a logo, including your Etsy shop. Make your logo perfect, because it’ll be the first place people look to see your design skills. Once you have your logo completed, try making a few mock logos and offering a custom logo in your store. These mock logos can give people an understanding of your style and expertise. There is also a wide range of flexibility, and you can find simple logos that are more cost-effective, as well as sophisticated logos that are more expensive. Decide where you fit in and price your product accordingly. Also, make sure you create a few logos for your customer to choose from, and remind them to be specific about what they want you to include.


Creating custom fonts can be a process, but the benefit of a font is it is a one-and-done project. Once you create your font, list it for sale on your Etsy shop, and people can buy it continuously for as long as you leave it there. One piece of advice I’ll give is to make your font as perfect as it can be. There are hundreds of fonts out there, so find a way to make yours stand out. And if you create a few fonts, consider selling them in a font pack for a discounted price!

Art Prints

Gone are the days of paintings hanging in everyone’s house. Younger generations of consumers are buying art prints more often, and this is perfect for a graphic designer! The best part of art prints is you can offer them merely as a download, which your customers can print. However, to set yourself apart, consider finding a print lab that can produce high-quality prints to send to your customers. You will need to price either way accordingly, but the convenience of having a print shipped directly to them can outweigh the price difference.

Business Products

Businesses always need promotional material and packaging professionally designed. You can make a ton of money by offering these services. From brochures to labels to business cards, there are endless options for business products you can provide. Make sure to research pricing, both on Etsy and elsewhere, and try to stay competitive. However, don’t sell yourself short; if you can provide high-quality work, charge for high-quality work. Businesses will appreciate the ability to give input, so also consider the time commitment and the number of mock-ups you will need to provide before your customer approves the design.

Printables and Templates

With the rise of bullet journaling comes the rise of printables. These templates are meant to be printed and utilized for planning purposes. Search through the bullet journal community to find ideas for products you can offer. Also, if your designs are unique enough, consider printing a small batch of custom journals (on quality paper) and selling those in your shop.
On the other hand, you can also create professional templates, such as resumé templates. Neither of these products will make you a significant chunk of money, but they can be an excellent way to add some supplementary income.

There are so many ways you can create an Etsy design business, and this list is just a small portion. For those starting out in this field, I suggest giving Etsy a try. Although it may not provide enough to be a day job, it can be a great way to add professional work to your portfolio and help you earn a little extra cash.