parsons, new school of design

With a new college year just beginning, students from all over the world are heading back to school. Many of these students are attending design schools. But which design schools are the best? Here is a list of the best design schools in the United States.

Academy Of Art University- San Francisco

The largest accredited private art and design school in the nation enrolling over 18,000 students. Founded in 1929 the school is world renown for as a source of inspiration and talent. One of the key values of the school’s portfolio development. From the first they step foot on the San Francisco campus students are encouraged to create a portfolio that demonstrates a their skill in traditional drawing and painting as well as typography, print and editorial design, and many other facets of design.

Parsons School Of Design- New York

Based off the main New York City campus on 5th avenue, the school is active in all corners of the globe. Parsons is made up of 5 schools, that make up 27 challenging undergraduate programs. The school is constantly investigating current design trends and tricks of the trade, including graphic design, web design and providing a solid foundation in a traditional practices and concepts.

Pratt Institute- Brooklyn

One of the oldest design schools in the world, founded in 1887. Pratt is home to almost 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Pratt has both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs. The school is best known for its communications department with concentrations in illustration, advertising art direction, and graphic design. All the degree programs provide students with the opportunity to develop their design process and prepare them for leadership positions in their field.

Rhode Island School Of Design

Founded in 1877, RISD has stood out as a leader in art and design. Attracting students from all over the world, the school founded simultaneously the RISD Museum of Art. The school is best known for its broad range of media, graphic design, giving students a foundation of formal aesthetic and analytical knowledge and skills while exploring visual communication.

Yale University School Of Art- New Haven, Connecticut

The very highly selective MFA program from a prodigious school needs no introduction. The program accepts up to ten students yearly and up to seven students for a preliminary year program. The degree program focuses on the student’s thesis, which is a project unique to each student. Most students who get accepted into these highly selective programs have relevant experience in a study outside design but have evidence of a design mindset.