Residents of Toronto might present a convincing argument that there’s little reason to leave home when the city already has so much to offer. If, however, they should choose to plan a vacation or quick getaway, it can be useful to know which destinations are friendliest on the wallet when it comes to airfare. Here’s a sampling of some of the least expensive destinations from the Toronto airport, based on the Cheap Flights 2017 compass report.

New York

Find out what’s happening in the city that never sleeps — arguably the most exciting of U.S. cities — for a lower price than you’ll find for far less desirable destinations. Be forewarned, however, that it’s rare to find similar NYC bargains in the lodging department.


This Massachusetts city is not only rich in culture and sports history (try to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, or check out the Celtics at the Garden), but its coastal location makes it a good base for day trips to the beach, whale watching, and other ocean-related activities.

Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States offers a myriad of fascinating monuments, museums, and libraries. Visitor access to many of these institutions is either free (see this page for a partial list), or available at negligible cost.


The Windy City is a hip and happening tourist destination, containing iconic landmarks such as the Willis Tower(formerly known as the Sears Tower) and Wrigley Field. Sample the city’s famous deep-dish pizza, or ask for a hot dog that’s been “dragged through the garden” (check the Wikipedia page for a full definition before committing).

Fort Lauderdale

While the above destinations have plenty to offer, sometimes a little fun in the sun is in order. This South Florida city is just the ticket, with its world-class golf courses, glorious beaches, and prime shopping opportunities. Need a dose more action? The excitement of Miami is a short drive away.


Why content yourself with venturing south of the Canadian border when you can travel south of two borders — and for a very reasonable price? Find out why Cancun continues to climb in the ranks as a top travel destination.