Being a student can be difficult. Being a student in the art field can be even harder. When it comes to pulling together projects and looking for inspiration, it’s best to have a repertoire of resources up your sleeve.

Fonts in Use

Are you a self-proclaimed Typophile? Or, are you just looking for the perfect font to use on your project? Organized by format, typeface, and industry, Fonts in Use is a user-friendly archive of typography.


Do you ever see something that inspires you, but forget to write it down? Niice is an online platform that allows you to gather images that inspire you all in one place. The site has an extensive library of images for you to peruse at your leisure and collect them on your boards. You can even download the boards you create so you have them available offline.

Digital Arts: Tutorials

Although you’re already in school for graphic design, there’s always room for improvement and always more skills to acquire. Digital Arts Tutorials provides free in-depth information on mastering techniques and design software.