Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I were better at creating art.”

Well, you’re not alone.

Many people wish they could create art that’s awe-inspiring, captivating, and jaw-dropping.  But, not everyone can conjure up such work.


Why does it have to be so hard?

A huge part of why people aren’t “good” at making art is because people get over-the-top overwhelmed about looking at a blank page or canvas.  Think about it.

You see a white page in front of you, and it is completely and utterly blank.  It almost taunts you. “You don’t know what to put on me; admit it.”

The paper/canvas might be right.  Usually, it is.  But, just because it is correct doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome it.

If everyone gave up when the blank space before them told them they are terrible at creating art and that there is no way they’ll create anything of real worth, then no one would have or will have seen, “Starry Night,” by van Gogh.  We would never see Pablo Picasso’s abstract, mind-bending work.  Imagine all the world’s best art work.  It would not exist.

Do you know why?

People aren’t scared of blank canvases.  They are afraid of what they fill the emptiness within their minds. People fill the spaces with their insecurities, fears, and self-doubt.

So, what are you to do when you see that blank page?

Take a step back, and instead, turn your gaze to someone you love.  Talk to him or her about what makes you vulnerable.  Eventually, you’ll be able to see your creative self through the fog that is your self-doubt.  You can launch into your creative musings and partial ideas.

At this point, it’s time to get it all out.

Go to TheMostDangerousWritingApp.com.  Once you start writing in the app, you have to continue writing or, within a few seconds, it will delete everything you just wrote.  Once you hit five minutes of writing, however, it will not delete what you wrote.

When you force yourself to write, you are forcing yourself to create with what comes right off the top of your head.  Trust your gut and impulses in these moments.  Trust that you are creative, and the magic will flow through you naturally.