Owning your own business can be not only a stressful venture, but it’s also an expensive one. It may seem that if you already own a computer and have experience in graphic design, there won’t be many expenses in the future, but the following expenses are ones that freelance graphic designers have to plan on having.


Although you may own a brick and mortar business, some clients will still expect you to come to them for a consultation. Meeting at your local Starbucks isn’t a huge expense, but once you start traveling outside of your area, it can take a chunk out of your income.


You may be the best graphic designer in your area, but unless you’re able to market yourself and your business successfully, you’re going to need to rely on some advertising. Also included in this is the cost to have your website live.

Health Insurance

Unless you are still planning to work full-time at another job, you’re going to need to cover your health insurance.